Hello! My name is Weston and I have been a tarot person since October 2012, when my first deck demanded that it come home with me from New Orleans. Since then, I've taken a multifaceted approach to studying tarot and have developed my own philosophy about the ways the cards can help guide me and others to live a more balanced and mindful life. I love how much human wisdom is woven into the symbolism of the tarot and conduct readings with a practical, productive and therapeutic approach (you won't encounter any mysterious curses or terrifying premonitions in my readings).

I also love teaching aspiring tarot readers. It gives me the opportunity to put my years of teaching experience to work on the subject I'm most passionate about--the tarot!

No matter where you are located, I would love to read for you or teach you how to use the tarot yourself!

To learn more, please contact me.